I was building with some dude on superflat world in creative mode, when suddenly i saw «him» spawn and then immediately disspawn. So i told my buddy to go in…
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  • jordan derouin:

    Herobrine’s arms aren’t like a zombie and he doesn’t float. Just forget it
    everyone its a joke.

  • juelz applegarth:


  • nelson del tufo:

    it’s a re-textured zombie

  • Julia Gorak:

    at 8:53 , the creepers eyes are red

  • TheHyper Banana:

    herobrine doesint lift his arms like a zombie we all know its fake

  • Danny Angel:


  • Dylan Miller:

    Fake u bitch

  • Brandon Hill:

    its ovious the host has gorn invisable and had bedrock and obsidean in his
    inventory so he could place and same with everything else find it weird how
    every time his beddy so called got teleported he saw herobrine

  • Trainer Richard:

    I looked it up on the minecraft wiki, herobrine is real but it was just a
    prank from mojang to creep out the players.

  • Nico Georgiou:

    it’s fake. when he got poisoned he’s friend clicked the invisible option
    and later on in the vid he’s freind changed his skin to herobrine. 

  • Bingba1232:

    it was probably your friend changing skins and turning invisible

  • Larez Sandiford:

    lol there is a option in minecraft for xbox 360 and ps3/ps4 for the host of
    the game to fly, be in creative mode and also not show when he is in the
    lobby. i should know because i pranked my friends doing this same thing


    At 6:29 herobrine is right in front of you

  • TASKxFORCEx141:

    His buddy was the host, turned on host privileges, and did all that stuff.
    Herobrine was edited in later. He had all the materials because the went
    into creative mode and gave it to themselves and then went back to

  • Alex di blasio:

    holy shit that is not a joke at all that message

  • Rufus Cummins:


  • I R Dark:

    Its your friends world, host privalige


    That’s freaking creepy

  • Jack Pointon:

    Wow that’s fake you can tell cause Herobrine doesn’t float and his arms
    dont stick out like a zombie + your friend can go invsble 

  • crazyshnitzel:

    The one guy had host privaleges so he could fly and then go invisible

  • Sabrina Mysak:

    u got trolled

  • Mackenzie Hall:

    you must have been on the 1.8.2 update for xbox minecraft

  • Dylan Razukiewicz:

    It’s real he had no gamertag

  • D6KILL109:

    No this is real you cannot teleport and Herobrine has arms and he can
    teleport but not players so this is real

  • Nia Bull:

    I saw someone prank somebody with that same skin with the arms
    outwards….this is so fake.

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